Voluntary jurisdiction

What is voluntary jurisdiction?

The voluntary jurisdiction is a non-contentious procedure that can be brought before the Andorran Court or the Notary. That is to say, depending on the circumstances of the case and the type of claim being made, in cases in which their intervention is necessary and provided that there is no litigation or controversy between the interested parties.

Therefore, through the voluntary jurisdiction procedure, it is possible to obtain information or the recognition of a right through the Andorran jurisdiction or the notary, as the case may be.

Aleix Advocats offers advisory services in relation to voluntary jurisdiction in Andorra.

Subjects that are processed with voluntary jurisdiction

Separation of the inherited assets from the heir’s private assets.

Approval of the acknowledgement of the child’s non-marital paternity.

Delimitation of real estate, with the prior presentation of an expert report.

The loss, theft or destruction of promissory notes, checks or bills of exchange.

Legal acts and transactions in relation to persons subjected to guardianship that require judicial authorization, for example the alienation of assets of minors and persons with judicially modified capacity.

Urgent involuntary commitment, as long as this decision is not adopted in the framework of a legal capacity modification procedure.

Adoptions, pre-adoptions, fosterings, delegations of parental authority, in accordance with what is established in the Qualified Law on adoption and other forms of protection for helpless minors and other applicable laws.

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