Aleix Lawyers advises you in the tax field

The identification and classification of operational and legal risks is increasingly a priority in the economic and fiscal world. Therefore, preventing, managing, controlling and reacting to possible risk activities has become a point of relevance in the banking field.

At Aleix Lawyers we assist you in the preparation of a presentation client file intended for the five main banking institutions in the country. We help you collect all the documentation that allows you to present your economic-fiscal history both as an individual and as a legal entity.

Our aim is to facilitate the establishment of your project in the Principality as much as possible.

How do you make a good client file?

We will present a file as complete as possible that allows you to see the traceability of your activity including documents that testify to your financial, fiscal , commercial and economic situation.

Àrees de competència:

Els nostres advocats i assessors ofereixen els seus serveis en diferents àrees d’expertesa: dret andorrà (veure branques del dret), economia en general i, en particular, en l’àmbit de l’assessorament fiscal.

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