Inheritance in Andorra

Advice and support in inheritance law in Andorra

Our law firm in Andorra advises and assists you on drawing up wills in Andorra, but also on matters of acceptance of inheritance in Andorra.
For the estate procedure in Andorra, we can assist your for asking the last wishes certificate, the probabte in Andorra and also for the distribution of the estate.
In case of lake of a last will and testament in Andorra, we can undertake an intestate procedure in Andorra to determine who the legal heirs are in a succession to be opened in Andorra.
More then inheritance litigation in the Andorran courts, we can introduce non-contentious procedures for searching for inheritance assets in order to determine the composition of the estate located in Andorra.
We can also advice on private international law to determine the competent court and applicable law for your inheritance issues.

Examples of support :

Our lawyers and advisors offer their services in inheritance law and probate acts in Andorra.

Drafting of Will

Opening of the estate

Payment of legacies

Inheritance claim

Designation of legal heirs

(If there is no will)

Search for estate assets

Advice on private international law

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