Creation of associations in Andorra

What is an association?

According to Andorran legislation, associations are voluntary groups of three or more people who seek to achieve, by means not contrary to the law, a legitimate non-profit purpose.

Associations can carry out economic activities as long as they are carried out within the framework of their statutory purposes and do not have as their object, explicitly or implicitly, the obtaining of economic benefits to be distributed among the members.

Aleix Lawyers help you to create an association in Andorra

At Aleix lawyers we offer you the necessary advice in relation to the creation of associations in the Principality of Andorra, the internal bodies of associations, decision-making, the rights and duties of members.

Likewise, we offer drafting services for the articles of incorporation and bylaws of the association, processing the registration in the Register of Associations within the legally established term, dissolution and liquidation of associations, among others.

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Our lawyers and advisers offer their services in different areas of expertise: Andorran law (see branches of law), economics in general and, in particular, in the field of tax advice.

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