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Andorra, an attractive destination for companies

The Principality of Andorra, thanks to its privileged tax system and its pleasant and safe environment, it has become an attractive destination for the implementation of an activity or to become a resident.

At the same time, the liberalization of foreign investments in Andorra, the entry into force of a direct taxation on the societies and attractive economic activities, as well as the signing of non-double taxation agreements, have allowed the national economy to develop competitive economic tools to optimize the chances of success for new foreign investors.


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Aleix lawyers help you throughout the process of setting up a company

Our law firm helps you with all the legal procedures necessary for the establishment of a company in Andorra or for the purchase and sale of shares or participations in an existing Andorran company , whether you are a resident of Andorra or not. If you are not a resident, we prepare a presentation of your project in order to obtain an investment authorization from the Department of Foreign Investment of the Government of Andorra.  

Aleix Lawyers together with BP Economists offers you personalized legal, accounting, and tax advice for your company creation project. Any new entrepreneur, with or without experience, must be assisted and advised at the time of the creation of the structure of his company, either for the search for the corporate name, the preparation of the statutes, or to determine the system of tax declaration to choose and establish the accounting system. Our lawyers and advisors can work together on your project.

Setting up a company in Andorra: Discover the advantages of an exceptional business destination

Welcome to the Principality of Andorra, a jewel nestled in the heart of the Pyrenees and a world of serenity and opportunities for business. Setting up a company in this small country offers a host of advantages, combining a favorable tax environment with a picturesque landscape and welcoming atmosphere. Explore with us why Andorra has become the destination of choice for visionary entrepreneurs.

1. Attractive tax advantages

Andorra is renowned for its advantageous tax regime, with one of the lowest corporate taxes in Europe. As a result, businesses benefit from a competitive tax regime that encourages growth and investment. Income tax in Andorra is also much lower than in other European countries. There is no inheritance tax for Andorran residents.

2. Business confidentiality

Respect for the privacy of entrepreneurs is a priority in Andorra. Data confidentiality is guaranteed by law, providing additional security for businesses.

3. Economic stability

Despite its small size, Andorra enjoys remarkable economic stability. The Principality of Andorra offers a reliable environment for businesses, with a solid banking system and prudent economic management.

4. Simplification of procedures

The support of specialist law firms means that setting up a company in Andorra is free of administrative hassle, allowing entrepreneurs to start up their business safely.

5. Access to the European market

Although located outside the European Union, Andorra has signed special customs agreements with the European Union, facilitating trade with member countries and offering access to European markets.

6. Exceptional quality of life

Entrepreneurs who choose Andorra also benefit from an exceptional quality of life. The majestic mountains, pleasant climate and peaceful atmosphere create an ideal setting for work and relaxation.

7. Investment opportunities

Whether you are in the tourism, technology or services sector, Andorra offers investment opportunities in various fields, encouraging diversification of activities.

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Management in the constitution process

Initial file

Once your project is defined, we prepare the file necessary to set up a company in Andorra (or for the purchase of shares in an existing company) and present your file to the relevant Andorran administration.

Opening of bank accounts

Our firm also assists you in opening bank accounts for the company being incorporated. We prepare a client presentation file for the compliance department and put it in contact with the appropriate banking entities.

Notarial management

We also help you with the necessary procedures before a Notary in Andorra in order to document the company ‘s statutes, the foreign investment carried out, as well as the disbursement of the required capital.

Company registration process

Finally, we help you when registering the incorporated company in the Registry of Companies of the Principality; request the opening of trade before the Andorran Trade Register; to register the company and the administrators with the Andorran Social Security Fund, the tax administration, etc…

Tax declaration

Our lawyers and advisers can accompany you further on when preparing and submitting tax returns in Andorra, either for companies or businesses domiciled in the territory or for natural persons newly resident in Andorra.

Areas of competence:

Our lawyers and advisers offer their services in different areas of expertise: Andorran law (see branches of law), economics in general and, in particular, in the field of tax advice.

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