Financial and Banking Law.

Accounting service and tax consultancy

In addition to the legal services provided by Aleix Advocats, B.P. Economists offers an accounting service that includes the presentation of annual accounts and tax returns. Our economists also offer audit services to companies.

Aleix Lawyers & BP Economists suggests a tax consultancy service to optimize your company’s activity in Andorra. We can also help you make the relevant declarations to the Tax Administration.

Regulatory compliance service for your company

Taxes to declare in Andorra

You will find here, in a few lines, the main taxes in Andorra:


— Corporate tax (CIT)
— Tax on economic activities (IAE)
— General indirect tax (IGI)
— Property transfer tax (ITP)
— Surplus value
— Tax on the income of non-tax residents in Andorra
— Indirect tax on the provision of insurance services
— Personal income tax

The general or local administration also applies some taxes to companies and commercial activities, the use of some services, housing.

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