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Advice to merchants and entrepreneurs

Our law firm advises and assists merchants and entrepreneurs based in the Principality of Andorra in their commercial transactions or in the drafting of contracts necessary for the proper functioning of their professional activity.

During the professional career of a merchant, natural or legal person, it is necessary to conclude one or more contracts at the beginning of the activity, whether it is a rental contract, national or international sales contracts, contract for the sale of the assets of ‘a trade, provision of services, distribution, franchises, commissions, etc…

Our experts act as advisors and managers for the smooth operation of your business

Legal maintenance and litigation resolution

Our law firm in Andorra intervenes to advise, or to draw up minutes or contracts useful for the smooth development of your activity.

When a business is in operation, it may have to face some difficulties, either with other traders (individuals), or with trading companies.

The most common disputes in commercial law are claims for amount, judicial execution demands, as well as disagreements that may arise between partners or between partners and managers.

Our law firm in Andorra intervenes either as an advisor in the prevention of potential conflicts, or to resolve existing conflicts, either by amicable or judicial means.

Although these disputes can be resolved through the courts, trials can be lengthy and expensive, with settlement agreements often providing faster and more efficient solutions. If you experience difficulties in this area, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can determine all possible strategies to resolve the conflict.

Areas of competence:

Our lawyers and advisers offer their services in different areas of expertise: Andorran law (see branches of law), economics in general and, in particular, in the field of tax advice.

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