Civil law

Civil law in Andorra

It is sometimes worthwhile to try and reach a compromise before issuing legal proceedings. Our firm can help you in your negotiations in order to reach a friendly agreement.

Debt recovery

Our law firm takes charge of any procedures aimed at recovering unpaid debts, whether unpaid bills, recognition of an unpaid debt, unpaid loans, unpaid bills of exchange or other credit instruments.

We draw up and deliver demand letters to your debtors; we issue proceedings, when appropriate, to apply for attachment orders (preventive measures), debt claims and also requests for enforcement of judgements to enable you to recover the debt.

Separation and divorce

We help you to negotiate and draw up private separation agreements to cover matters of parental responsibility, custody, child maintenance and spousal maintenance, dissolution of the marital property regime and division of assets.

Our law firm in Andorra also helps you through separation or divorce proceedings, to issue proceedings for setting provisional or emergency measures in the context of separation or divorce, to start proceedings to annul a marriage or even proof of paternity proceedings.

Cohabitation agreements

Our law firm also proposes drawing up your cohabitation agreement and helping you register your  status at the Civil Registry.

Civil eviction proceedings for civil or commercial leases

We help you to draw up demand letters, carry out landlord-tenant negotiations and represent your interests in eviction proceedings.

Civil liability proceedings

We help you to make claims for damages and interest in the context of pre-litigation negotiations or in the context of civil or criminal court proceedings.

Guardianship proceedings

Our firm can represent your interests if you are seeking to obtain the guardianship of someone close to you or you want to oppose guardianship proceedings.

Non-contentious proceedings

Our firm can help you carry out non-contentious proceedings designed to obtain information or the recognition of rights.

International “exequatur” proceedings in Andorra

These proceedings are issued before the Andorran courts in order to obtain the recognition in Andorra of a judgement obtained in another country and enforcement thereof.

We will help you to obtain, through the competent Andorran court, recognition of the judgement by the Andorran authorities and enforcement thereof within the Principality.

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