Urban leases

Contract drafting and review services

We offer services of drafting and review of contracts of lease, registration of emphyteutic censuses, advice and assistance in relation to the property right and horizontal property, neighborhood litigation, writing and sending payment request letters and assistance in negotiations with your landlord or tenant, among others.

Assistance in procedures and conflicts related to urban leases

Aleix Lawyers advises you in legal disputes

You can also request our services to file an eviction lawsuit, in case of unpaid rent or failure by the tenant to comply with the terms and obligations of the signed lease.

Likewise, we are at your disposal to initiate legal proceedings in the event that the owner of the property does not respect his contractual or legal obligations.

Areas of competence:

Els nostres advocats i assessors ofereixen els seus serveis en diferents àrees d’expertesa: dret andorrà (vegeu branques del dret), economia en general i, en particular, en l’àmbit de l’assessorament fiscal.

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