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Types of contracts

A lease is a legally binding contract that defines the terms under which one party agrees to rent property owned by another party.

It guarantees the use of the property to the tenant and guarantees the owner regular payments over a specified period.

A contract of sale or purchase agreement is a legally binding contract that obliges a buyer to buy and a seller to sell a product or service.Sales contracts are often used in real estate transactions or when two parties are transferring a large number of items.

It is an agreement between two parties involved in a purchase process by one of the parties, who by means of a sum of money, known as a purchase deposit, ensures the purchase.

In general, this contract is of a civil nature and must always be concluded between two parties.

It must establish the basis on which one party undertakes to give an asset to the other party, regardless of whether it is movable or immovable, in exchange for the other party giving another asset in exchange.

A fiduciary agreement is often defined as a contract in which one person transfers ownership of an asset to another person, called the trustee or fiduciary.

This person will be responsible for exercising ownership rights on your behalf and transferring the asset to a designated person at the end of the contract.

A donation agreement can be used to ensure that a donor’s pledge is trustworthy, to define the expectations of both parties and to avoid misunderstandings.

A mandate contract is an agreement in which the contractor undertakes to perform a specific service or legal action on behalf of the principal. The contractor is responsible to the principal for exercising due diligence in the execution of the contract.

A loan contract is a contract under which one party (lender) gives something for free use to the other party (borrower) on the condition that the other party, who receives that thing, returns it after he/she has used it or after a certain period of time.

A deposit contract is a private agreement between the buyer and the seller. It is carried out prior to the purchase, and commits to the future sale of a property through the payment of an initial amount by the buyer.

A company contract is an agreement between two or more people who are obliged to put money or assets in common in order to obtain profits and share them.

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