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lawyer andorra, law andorra, legal andorra, lawyers andorraThe Andorran law firm, Aleix Lawyers, located in the centre of Andorra la Vella, the capital of the Principality, consists of dynamic, multilingual lawyers, who are members of the Andorran Bar Association, here to provide personalised help and guidance.

In addition to the legal services provided by the lawyers in the Aleix law firm, the tax specialists and consultants in BP Economists offer their services regarding tax advice, audits and accounts.

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Areas of expertise

Our lawyers and advisers offer their services in several areas of expertise: Andorran law (cf: areas of law), the economy in general and specifically tax. Areas of law dealt with by our firm: Our lawyers deal with company law; business and commercial law; tax law; labour law; administrative law; civil law; family law; inheritance law; banking law; private international law; property law; town planning law; intellectual property law, criminal law.

Personalised solutions

lawyer andorra, law firm andorra, law andorraThe specialised lawyers and advisers at Aleix Lawyers & BP Economists can propose personalised solutions for:

Your plan to set up in Andorra

Our law firm helps you to apply for residence in Andorra, set up a company in Andorra, apply for permission to invest, open a business, etc.

Legal services for your company in Andorra

Our law firm offers legal secretarial services, service agreements or personalised legal advice on a case by case basis.

Resolving disputes and litigation

If you are looking for a lawyer in Andorra to represent or defend your interests, we offer the services of a specialised lawyer from our firm. He can help you negotiate a friendly transaction or agreement or else issue and pursue legal proceedings in the Andorran courts in the various areas of law.

Keeping your personal or business accounts and audits:

Our economists, in addition to the services offered by our law firm in Andorra, offer an accounting service to individuals and legal persons established in Andorra, to file annual accounts and provide an auditing service to businesses.

Keeping tax down and helping with tax matters

We offer, through our tax experts and consultants, a tax advisory service to keep your tax down and also a support service for your business, which includes filing mandatory annual accounts and tax declarations.

Aleix Lawyer & BP Economists have a multidisciplinary network of correspondents, specialists and consultants, both in Andorra and abroad.

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Incorporation of Companies / Residence in Andorra:

We assist in the incorporation of companies in Andorra to carry out economic activities in Andorra as well as abroad. We also offer advice on choosing the type of company, in order to benefit from an optimal tax regime. Similarly, we advise and accompany you to process your request for residency in Andorra. 


Fiscal optimization

Fiscal optimization: The incorporation of companies in Andorra and residence in Andorra offer various possibilities for optimizing income from work or capital. Aleix Lawyers and BP Economistes offer professional and personalised advice, always thinking about the type of structure that best fits the needs and particularities of each client: (holding companies, trading and other …)

Fiscal optimization

Procediments juducials / contenciosos:

Procedimientos judiciales / contenciosos: Aleix Advocats le asiste y defiende sus intereses en el marco de procedimientos judiciales o contenciosos de todo tipo. Antes de iniciar actuaciones os propondremos diferentes vías para que pueda elegir la que mejor le convenga. Reclamaciones judiciales Andorra

Contenciosos Andorra

Legal proceedings / litigation: Aleix Lawyers will assist and defend your interests as part of judicial proceedings or disputes of all kinds. Before initiating proceedings we will propose different ways, so that you can choose the one that best suits you.

Legal proceedings



Aleix lawyer & BP Economistes is located in the centre of Andorra La Vella, capital of the Principality of Andorra.
You can find us in the QUARS building, on Avda. Consell d’Europa, number 14 (1 st floor , office number 8­12)
AD 500 Andorra la Vella, ANDORRA. Phone: 
+376 820 020