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Covid 19 companies in Andorra

covid  19 andorra

COVID 19 measures until May 1 (scheme)


First of all, be aware that since 20th April 2020

First of all, be aware that since 20th April 2020, the opening of some economical activities is allowed in order to cover some of the confined population needs. These activities are: garment making, agriculture and home gardening, wholesale trade of homeward, household appliances, toys, music items, stationery shop, DIY, computers, and finally real estate services, in the area of rental management and property management on third parties’ behalf.
E-commerce is also allowed for products and services, according to an activities list established by Decree, prioritizing the teleworking system and the products home delivery, not being necessary to have an online platform.
On another hand, last Saturday 18th April, it was approved a Law on new exceptional and urgent measures for the health crisis caused by the pandemic of the SARS-CoV-2. This law, pending to be published at the Official Journal of the Principality of Andorra establishes new relevant measures, and most particularly the regulation of Temporary Employment
Regulation Files, called ERTO.
These ERTO allows companies and self-employers that obeys some requirements to apply a temporarily suspension of the employment contracts, the reduction of the employees working hours (maximum reduction of 75%) or a combination of the two mentioned modalities, in order to grant the company or business future continuity.
The Temporary Employment Regulation Files (ERTO) may be applied from 1st May 2020, presenting the application form and the requested documents, until the declaration of the health crisis ending, but they may be renewed until 31th December 2020.
These measures can be applied to the all staff or only to some of the employees. The employees affected by an ERTO, will receive a reduced salary according to an established table, which provides that 25% of the salary will be paid by the employer and 75% by the Andorran Government.
In addition, it has been fixed a monthly remuneration of 1.083,33.-€ for the self-employers, which will be paid by the Andorran government.

The new law also foresees a reduction of 100% or 80% on the business premises leases contracts, depending on each case. It also set out other measures relating to social security, taxes, and some aids for the payment of mortgage loans. 
Aleix Advocats remains at your disposal for any further information you may require
concerning the new measures or to start the necessary procedures to apply for a Temporary Employment Regulation File (ERTO).