Commercial law

Commercial law in Andorra

Our law firm in Andorra provides advice and assistance to traders and businessmen in their commercial activities and in drawing up any contracts needed to successfully carry out their activities.

During the professional life of an individual or legal person in business, you may need to make one or several contracts when your activity starts, such as leases, international sales contracts, goodwill purchase agreements, the provision of services, distribution, franchises, commissions, etc.

Our law firm in Andorra will advise you or draw up the act or contract you need for the success of your business.

While carrying out your activity in Andorra, you may come up against certain problems, in relation to traders (individuals) or commercial companies (legal persons).

The commonest cause of disputes in business is debt recovery, and enforcement proceedings and litigation may arise between shareholders or shareholders and directors.

Our law firm in Andorra will intervene, either to advise how to avoid conflict or on the appropriate legal proceedings.

Although court solutions exist, they may be long and onerous, so negotiation and agreement are often faster and more efficient.

If you have any problems in this field, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can work together on a set of strategies suited to your situation.

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